Tired of complicated excel Discounted Cash Flow templates?

tracktak enables you to do quick DCF models based on prof. Aswath Damodaran's techniques directly in the cloud.

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Search for a company to begin.

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Finding a companies true value just got a whole lot easier with our free intrinsic value calculator.


Based on Aswath Damodaran's models showing you each formula.


Calculates your DCF inputs based on historical and current data.

Sensitivity Analysis

Immediately shows you the different estimated price of various inputs.


Over 60+ stock exchanges and more than 120,000 tickers all over the world.

Meet Our


Kristina Olchova

Kristina is a founding partner of tracktak and a value investor. Kristina & Martin are jointly responsible for the direction of the business. She is involved in helping users, partnerships, building the application and the company's financial health.

Martin Dawson

Martin has over 8 years programming experience and is an avid follower of Aswath Damodaran. He is involved in marketing, partnerships and building out the road map for the application.

Sam Rose

Sam joined us on April 2021. He is managing the company's technological projects and plans. Sam is responsible for backend, front-end application, scaling and cloud development.


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Hear from our users about what changed for the better since they switched from Excel to tracktak.
Robbert Smit
This tool is absolutely awesome. Please continue the great work! I am definitely going to share this tool with my network who are all still using template models and have to fetch the inputs each time they want to do a calculation.
I'm a regular user, I enjoy your site a lot and the tools you offer there.

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